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Auburn Experienced Auburn Employment Law Attorney Serving Northern California

Employers must follow strict laws when dealing with their employees. I have worked successfully on disputes regarding hourly or salary wages, severance packages, and layoffs. Some of my clients came to me with one issue, but after examination of their case, I found other instances where they had not been compensated properly.

If you think you have been taken advantage of by an employer, call me today at 530-886-4006 to schedule a free consultation. We will talk about your specific situation and what the best course of action would be.

Employment law covers a broad area of employee/employer relations including:

  • Wage and hour concerns, which can include breaks, overtime pay, and vacation pay
  • Unemployment benefit applications appeals
  • Contractor versus employee designation
  • Wrongful termination, including age discrimination
  • Exempt versus nonexempt status

I will work hard on your behalf, including preparing you for appearances in front of the labor board if necessary. My goal is to make sure you have been compensated fairly and the employer has followed the law.

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Michael Thomas Lynch, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Auburn, Sacramento, Placer County and surrounding areas.


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