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Experienced Theft Crime Lawyer Based In Auburn

Accusations of theft, shoplifting or similar crimes can lead to disastrous consequences. If you are convicted, you could face severe criminal penalties, including fines, probation and, in certain instances, jail or prison time.

I am Michael Thomas Lynch, Attorney at Law. If you are facing theft, shoplifting or property crime charges, contact my law firm. I have helped many people across the North Bay and Sacramento area minimize the negative effects of criminal charges.

Cooperative With Clients And Effective In Criminal Defense

As your lawyer, I will closely examine all evidence and get your side of the story before deciding how to proceed. You will always know what is happening with your case and what your best options are. We will work together to negotiate a plea agreement or take the case to trial.

If you need a theft crime attorney in Auburn, California, contact my office for help relating to charges of:

  • Larceny
  • Property crimes such as trespassing and vandalism
  • Shoplifting
  • Burglary

Defending Placer County Shoplifting Charges

If your child has been accused of shoplifting, you need to think about how that could affect his or her future. A conviction could lead to a criminal record, which will make it harder to find a job, get into college or find suitable housing. This is why having a skilled lawyer on your side is essential. I have experience working with the courts and prosecutors to reduce charges and help clients move on with their lives. I will put the same skills to work for you.

Contact Michael Thomas Lynch, Attorney At Law

Theft-related charges are a serious matter. If this has happened to you, contact Michael Thomas Lynch, Attorney at Law, at 530-886-4006 to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Auburn, California. Evening and weekend sessions are available by appointment, and translation services are available.

Michael Thomas Lynch, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Auburn, Sacramento, Placer County and surrounding areas.


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